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Have Fun on Bird Travel Adventures With Our Harness

Bird travel no longer needs to be stressful. FRED BIRD & COMPANY in Cottonwood, California, sells a tested and proven bird leash that allows you to take your pet anywhere and maintain your bird's safety.


Why Choose Our Harness

Our harness comes with a snap or woven tie to secure our birds -- not a quick disconnect. In our safety study for over eight years we have found that if a clip is easy for us to undo -- It is as easy for our bird. How safe can you feel when the pet that you love and have so much invested in can undo his harness in seconds and be gone or injured before you even notice?

Harness Specifications

The need was to make the harness Bird Safe ..... and also Bird Proof as close as we could!! We put our d-ring under the bird, not across the back. If the bird was to fly or bolt we would not flip the bird or injure his wings trying to hold him.

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Materials Used In Our Bird Harness

Other harnesses contain materials such as metal fasteners and clips, spring hooks, or buckles that may actually harm your bird. You can trust our harness because it does not contain any parts that may harm your bird. Avian veterinarian Dr. Mark Ditsworth watched birds using our Kaylor Collar bird harness and found that it did not cause skin or feather damage.

Our harness has been the most popular harness in the industry for more than 20 years. We also sell a Double D-Ring harness that features 2 D-rings for the front attachment and one on the back for no additional cost.

Benefits Our Bird Harness

Our bird harness can be worn for long periods of time. If your bird is comfortable, it can even be worn for 24 hours a day for weeks. Bird tested ...Bird approved!

Our Size Guarantee

Birds come in many different sizes and weights, So we sell sizes extra small to extra large. We guarantee accurate sizing, and if you receive a harness that does not fit your bird, we send free parts of a larger or smaller head loop. If you truly want to protect your birds and still have fun with them ,you need to check us out. We provide exceptional, Service after the sale to provide our clients with the information and education they need, Call us anytime or email your contact information

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