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About Us

My name is Keith Watts and I have had birds for almost 40 years. I found that I needed to make something so that I could fly my birds while maintaining control. Our leads come in multiple sizes, 6' long to keep your birds close to you or as long as 100' or more to fly your birds outdoors. Our design theories were based off of racing seatbelt harnesses. After our last designs I let my birds live in the harness for 24 hours, then the harness was taken off and the birds were checked. Everything was fine and there was no skin or feather damage. Then we went for 24 hours a day for days and 24 hours a day for weeks looking for damage each day. We continued to check the birds daily and there was still no skin and feather damage. All of our birds then lived in this harness for 1 full year with the exception of shower days. Every day they were checked for skin or feather damage. Vets were amazed that I made it myself. I would never sell something to anybody that I would not for myself. This was made for myself and my birds and not for big profit. After the year study was over we put the harnesses on the market because I was fully confident that my harness would work the very best for the birds. I came up with this product over 30 years ago and it has been on the market for 25 years. Now there are companies that make dangerous harnesses. Not ours. You can contact us at, or email us at, or call Keith and Laurie at (530) 347-6339.


Our Famous Bird

Fred's first vehicle was a remote-controlled truck, but he soon graduated to RCs and the Clod Buster Truck. A video of his performance allowed him to perform as intermission entertainment at monster truck races and with family pet TV shows like Super Sports Follies, Live with Regis and Kathie Lee, ESPN®, Animal Planet's® Funniest Animals, and America's Greatest Pets. Fred's show is not one of speed but one of style and ability. He enjoys riding his truck and usually says "Hi" to everyone around him. Fred is never made to do something that he doesn't want to do. When he jumps or flies off the truck, that's his way of saying "That's all folks, see ya at the next show!

What We Believe

With more than 30 years of experience, we can tell you that pet birds were born to live outside and our harness provides that freedom. We avoid trimming birds' feathers because they were born to fly and enjoy the outdoors. Our veterinarian-approved harness allows you to take your bird to parks, barbecues, camping, or anywhere else.


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Mission Statement: We believe in safety first.

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