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The Kaylor Collar Bird Harness

When only the safest bird harness will do for your bird
Our Bird Harness is a Fully Tested and Safe Bird Harness For Your Pet


A lot of careful planning and research went into the design of our Kaylor Collar Bird Harness! Our bird harness comes with a woven tie rather than a quick disconnect which we've found that if we can easily disconnect them so can our birds. We put our d-ring on the bird harness under the bird not across the bird's back, so that if the bird were to fly or bolt he wouldn't flip or injure his wings. Our goal was to make our bird harness Bird Safe ..... but also Bird Proof as much as we could. Also these bird harnesses can be worn over long periods of time, our birds wear their harness 24 hours a day for weeks on end with no feather or skin damage. We also offer the Double T Bird Harness which features a quick release buckle to make it easy to get on and off your bird.

Our Kaylor Collar Bird Harness has been the most
popular bird harness in the industry for over 2 decades!

Our bird harness design does not contain any parts that may harm your bird, such as metal fasteners, clips, spring hooks or buckles. Our bird harness fits any size from extra small birds to extra large birds and we guarantee sizing. If you receive a harness that does not fit your bird then we work closely with you to make you one that will. Our customers tell us that our follow-up after the sale is exceptional!


If you truly want to protect your pet and still have fun with them, You need to check us out !!!!

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